Thursday, June 25, 2009

Costco Chicken Salad

I just love Costco's Rotisserie Chicken Salad Croissants. My husband thinks I make a better chicken salad - which is sweet of him to say - but I think Costco's beats mine hands-down. I knew my husband wouldn't be home until late last night (after fishing), so I decided to get a Costco chicken salad croissant. Problem was, when I got to Costco they were all sold out (bummer!). But as luck would have it, for the mere price of $14.95 I could buy a tub of their chicken salad. Slap on another $5.95 for a dozen croissants, and another $3.95 for a package of six Roma tomatoes (you can't have chicken salad without tomatoes on it), and I could have a Costco Rotisserie Chicken Salad Croissant. Ugh. And I wonder why I'm broke all the time!!
Now as much as I love Costco's chicken salad, I do have to doctor it up a bit. I like to add a little "dash" of Penzey's Sandwich Sprinkle to each sandwich.
This stuff is great on any kind of sandwich (OK, maybe not PB&J, but turkey, ham, you name it!). It's a combination of salt, garlic, black pepper, and a bunch of herbs. Really "picks up" a sandwich. Buy some, you won't regret it!!
So last night at about 10:00 pm when hubby finally shows up, we sit down and eat two (that's one apiece) chicken salad croissants. What to do with all this chicken salad???? I don't have my garbage-disposal older boys around to help rid me of this problem. Well, I got up early and made a big plate of chicken salad croissant sandwiches for my husband's office staff. I sure hope they stop asking for a raise!! ;)
Aren't they pretty? Just to give you an idea how big that plate is - it's my turkey platter at Thanksgiving!!
Now I couldn't just send sandwiches - they needed something to go with them. (I should start a catering business and actually get paid to do this!!) I dug around in my ever-filled pantry and came up with Veggie Straws.
If you haven't had these yet, you've just got to try them - they're "da-bomb" as my boys say. I don't know if they are actually "good" for you, maybe just a little less "bad"? I don't know. They're made from spinach, tomato, carrots and potatoes. Yea, and they taste great!! I guess they also make them in a "chip" form, but I've never had those. We like ours dipped in Ranch dressing, but they are great plain, right out of the bag too. So off went my bag of Veggie Straws :( But it was for a good cause I suppose. Guess that'll teach me not to buy a tub of Costco chicken salad!!


  1. I've never had a costco chicken salad croissant, but it sure sounds delicious! What a bummer that you spent all that money to feed your hubby's office, I sure hope they appreciated it!

  2. Thanks Melissa!
    I think the guys will appreciate it, but I'm not sure about the women!! Everyone seems to want a raise (heavy sigh!!). But if you get a chance to eat a Costco Chicken Salad Crossant - don't pass it up!!

  3. I love how you used the croisants to serve this - looks great!